Feel A Little Irish When You Book A Blonde Escort For St. Patrick’s Day

Is there anything sexier than a hot woman in stockings?Everyone seems to get in the spirit when St. Patrick’s Day takes place. You aren’t Irish, but that is ok because, with the right tools, you’ll fit right in when it is time to go out to celebrate this festive holiday. Here’s a few tips that will make you feel as if you are a bonafide Irishman when the holiday rolls around.

Green, Green, And More Green

Everyone knows that green is a necessity on St. Patrick’s Day. Take to the mall, shops around you, or your closet and pick out as many green pieces of apparel possible so you can don yourself in the right color for the holiday. If you can’t find anything appropriate due to short notice, improper packing, or lack of funds, you can certainly improvise. Head out to an office supply store and stock up on green paper and a roll of tape. Create strips of paper and tape them at the ends to create circles. Loop them together and make a festive chain. Wrap it around yourself and you are ready to go for under ten bucks. Grab a green eyeliner pencil and draw shamrocks on your cheeks or pick up a pack of stickers instead. There’s always something cheap and green you can add to your body to look festive.

Learn The Lingo

Look up some popular phrases online and have them translated to the Irish dialect so you are prepared for your time out. Practice in front of a mirror on the morning of St. Pat’s Day so you are ready to wow anyone you come into contact with when you hit a bar, nightclub, or restaurant. Be sure to put that Irish twang into each of your phrases. You may be able to fool some people into thinking you are from Ireland yourself. Get ready to order a pint of Gat, put on your jumper if it is cold, and make sure to tell others “May the road rise up to meet you” when you part ways.

Get An Irish Woman Ready

Ah, having an Irish woman on St. Patrick’s Day trumps all other ploys into tricking others you are Irish yourself. To find someone who fits the part, give us a call or send us an email, and we will lead you toward some of our finest call girls for hire. Take a look at their profiles on our website and pick out one that you’d like to get to know better. You’ll love hearing her accent and learning about her home country. She’ll make you feel like a million bucks both out and about and back at your room or home when the night draws to a close. Blondes and redheads are especially sought after for this exciting holiday, so be sure to hit up our site early so you have the pick of the crop before they are all spoken for.


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