We Are Not Associated with Backpage.com or Any of Its Affiliates

Recently, the federal government stepped in and shut down Backpage.com. With the number of illegal dealings taking place on the site, it’s a surprise Backpage made it as long as it did. With that said, it’s important to point out we are not associated with Backpage.com, nor are we associated with any of its affiliates.

Legal Services

The women who work with us and who we represent offer 100% legal services. There is a misconception escorts are prostitutes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Escorts are paid for their time, no different than paying an attorney or a dentist. Escorts are paid for their companionship and the time they spend with you. Basically, they are the very best tour guide you’d ever want. Escorts should not be considered or confused with prostitutes as they do not accept money for sexual favors. Money is for the woman’s time and that’s it. It is illegal to pay for sexual favors in Las Vegas and in much of the country.

Escort Services Provided

100% of the women we work with provide completely legal services. We have had many questions in recent weeks whether the shutdown of Backpage.com will affect us. It will not nor will it ever as we do not provide illegal services. That is why the site was shut down (among other reasons). It is also important to note using a service with us not only is legal, but it is safer as well. There will always be underground, back channel websites similar to Backpage around. However, you put yourself in harms way as there is no guarantee what you’ll encounter when using it. With our services, you can spend time with beautiful women who offer their time and companionship.

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Looking For Fun? Backpage Vegas Will Help

Ah, Vegas. Home of bright lights, bustling streets, exciting casinos, and heart-stopping entertainment. If you are visiting, or if you live in the area, you will most likely get your fill of the touristy parts of the city rather quickly. If this sums up your feelings at the moment, you are online looking at this site because you are in need of a fix of the female type. You want a real woman from backpage Vegas to make Sin City just a bit more entertaining than the norm. Our backpage Vegas companions are exactly what you are in need of when you are in this type of slump. No longer will you need to go out on your own if you have one of our escorts to accompany you while you are in the Sin City. All of a sudden, everything seems brighter, more festive, and more fun.

Going out on your own can make Vegas feel very lonely. It holds many people in a small area, and just seeing others with smiles on their faces, walking down streets hand in hand, can make a guy feel out of place and very alone. One simple phone call is all it takes to remove the shadow of doubt when walking around the streets of Las Vegas. You will now have a luscious woman by your side, making you much more at ease and ready to take on the city in style. Clubs you wouldn’t have dreamed of walking in alone are now at the top of your list for visiting. Restaurants with diners staring at that poor guy that has to eat alone are no longer places to try to get a corner table. You have one of the best Las Vegas escorts with you. Nothing can stop you now!

Las Vegas Escorts For Every Occasion

When in Vegas, having a stunning woman to bring out on the town is a status symbol many gentlemen prefer. If you happen to be unattached at the moment, hiring a companion is a great way to get attention without worrying about giving the wrong impression to a lady you really do not desire to have as a girlfriend. Our women are some of the most beautiful you would ever see. You will be blown away by the beauty. Trust us.

If you are hoping to have someone to take to a corporate event, we have it covered. Looking for a lady to take to dinner so you don’t need to do it alone? No problem. Want a wild time that words really cannot describe? Our escorts can handle this as well. Whatever the purpose, wherever you want to visit, and whenever you get the desire for someone to spend time with you, our ladies are there to accommodate.

Do You Like Las Vegas Strippers?

Many guys will head out to Las Vegas strip clubs when they visit the Sin City. Some of the most famous gentlemen’s clubs are right in the city, making it entertainment that is worth the time to check out. If you enjoy strippers in general, having your own private number in the comfort of your hotel room may be in order. Our Las Vegas strippers are second to none, baring it all when asked in either a sultry slow teasing dance or a high-energy number that shows every curve wiggling and jiggling. While Las Vegas strippers in clubs are fun to watch, they are nowhere near as entertaining as having one of your own Las Vegas strippers in your room.

Our Las Vegas strippers know the best moves and you will not need to worry about having a crummy view to see what you want to see. It will all be right in front of you, within touching distance, without another person getting in your way. You will be able to select one or of Las Vegas strippers from our webpage to come to your room for a night to remember. It may start with a flirt, and a removal of the shirt. Next would be an interesting dance, while taking off pants. Are you interested yet? Our Las Vegas strippers are hoping so!

Host A Bachelor Party Like No Other

If you have a friend who is ready to tie the knot, and you are hoping to surprise him with a bachelor party that will be remembered for years, Our Las Vegas strippers have surprises in store for your party! Our girls get excited when there is a bachelor party, as it means a genuine good time with no strings attached. The guys will see it all, feel it all, and enjoy it all. Las Vegas strippers are and will always be one of the best parts of a bachelor party in the Sin City area. If you want to join in on the action, give us a call and inquire about one of our Las Vegas bachelor party packages.

Our strippers are some of the best in their field. Many have previously been employed in musicals, through film programs, and as professional stage dancers. Add a beautiful face and a stunning body, and you have the makings of one of the most sought out strippers by men all over. We take pride in our Las Vegas strippers and we are confident your bachelor party will be one the entire wedding party will enjoy and remember long after it has finished.

Where Do You Want To Go? Tell The Girls From Backpage Vegas

When calling for service, ask for one of our Las Vegas escorts to show you around the area if you have never been in the Sin City in the past. She will be happy to provide you with great touring service so you do not miss out on the many must-sees the city has to offer. Not all Las Vegas escorts will provide this service. If the girl you hire is not originally from the area, you risk going out to a place you would rather stay away from. Our girls are seasoned in which places are fun and entertaining and which ones are better left for others.

You have many choices in where to bring your date for the evening. Whether you are interested in trying your luck at a casino or two or if you just want a quiet dinner without having to sit alone, our Las Vegas escorts are ready to provide you with professional service. You will enjoy having a breathtaking beauty to enjoy the time with you, and being lonely is no longer a concern. Enjoy the sights and sounds with someone else! There is no need to hide in your hotel room or shrink into a lonely table for one. Your time will be brighter, full of laughter and admiration. When you are with one of our Las Vegas escorts, all of a sudden your mood will lift and relaxation will set in. Try it and see!

What Type Of Woman Interests You?

Do you have a preference in what type of woman you bring out? Are you hoping to stay away from a woman who reminds you of someone else? Do you enjoy a full-figure more than a slender woman, or do thin women who work as strippers as well as companions make you excited? Have you always wondered what it would be like to have a blonde woman by your side since you have always had brunette girlfriends in the past? Do you enjoy the features on an exotic Asian woman? If you have a certain look you like, we at Backpage Vegas will accommodate your desires. All you need to do is ask!

We have women of all heights, figures, ages, and features. We also have women from several other nationalities. If you want to have a young, short day, we will send you one of our escorts that match the profile you specify. We aim to please and we are confident we have a woman who will be exactly what you envision. Calling and letting us know what your desires are will certainly help you find the woman of your dreams.

Reserve Your Date Today

If you know you will be in the Vegas area on certain dates, and you wish to confirm a date for the time you are here, you can call us and request one of our Las Vegas escorts so you will have the peace of mind that someone will be waiting for your arrival. This is an exhilarating feeling! Knowing your girl is ready for you in advance will save you the frustration of trying to find someone at the last minute. When you arrive you may let calling slip your mind right away if business gets in the way. Don’t let this happen! Calling before getting into the city will be best if you have a definite need for a date while in the area.

If you have hired escorts from us in the past, and you have a specific girl you want available for a certain time, calling will ensure you are not disappointed upon arrival. Although we have several other choices, we understand the connection some of our clients have with the girls they have dated in the past. Reserve your date beforehand if this is a big deal! If your woman is working elsewhere that evening, we will match you with another escort who your regular will hand-pick for you. Knowing your regular escort made the decision will give you a date with someone else she feels you will have a good time with. This is a great feature we offer to our regulars and we find it expands the possibilities of the dates you have to select from during future visits.