Super Bowl – Party Of Two

Usually, the first thought when you think about the Superbowl¬†is getting together with your buddies to watch the game together. There’s plenty of Superbowl parties in full swing and lots of bars that host specials to entice people like yourself to come inside and stay for a while to watch the game on a big screen. Why not forgo all the larger gatherings this year and opt for an intimate get-together with one of our escorts instead.

You’ll Pick Out Your Partner

When you hire an escort to be your companion for the big game, you’ll have the opportunity to pick out exactly which woman you want to meet. Each of our sexy escorts has a profile available for you to read over on our website. Pictures are also provided so you can see each woman’s attractive body and face before you set up your meeting with her. Simply inquire about availability for the Superbowl, and we will get back to you to let you know if the woman you selected is able to make it to your place. If she is already booked, we will offer an alternative date for you to enjoy.

Plenty Of Fun Without The Chaos

Going out to see the game usually comes with some chaotic activities to endure. You might have to worry about not being able to hear the commentators on the television if you are in a public location. You might have to battle others in the establishment to get a good view of the game if there is a large crowd present. You might not be able to secure yourself a seat for your comfort as well. When you watch the game at home or in your hotel room, you’ll remain relaxed and everything you need to have fun is within your grasp at all times. This includes having a sexy date to explore.

Intimacy And Football–What More Could You Want?

It’s hard to get away with a lot of intimacy when you are in a public spot to watch the Superbowl. Sure you might be able to sneak in a caress or grab every once in a while, but getting down to the really good stuff isn’t in the cards until you get back to your place. Skipping the going out part of the game means you will be able to spend romantic time with your escort right away. There’s no need to wait. She’ll be there to cuddle with you throughout the game, provide you with relaxation in the form of massage or close encounters, and will help you route on your team, all while completely nude if you wish. You’ll get the best of both worlds and won’t have to worry about keeping up with conversations with others as well.

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