The Madness Of March: Playing Fantasy Escorts FTW

Looking for naughty and delicious Sin City escorts? Tanya is your girl.You’re an avid basketball fan who loves the excitement of March Madness. If you get into this sport to the point you try fantasy games, you might want to spice up your intake this spring. Bring escorts into play and find out just how fun basketball-inspired fantasy games actually are.

Pick Your Participants

We have so many gorgeous escorts to select from. As you know, there are different tiers of games played to eliminate teams in fantasy basketball. As teams lose, the winner bracket becomes smaller and smaller until the grand winner is presented. You are going to do this with the women you select. Start with several and work your way down to the grand winner. They will all vie for your attention and try their best to be the chosen one. Look through the profiles on our site and pick out women you want to meet. Make sure they are all attractive to you so participants have a fair fight.

Start Your Engines

You’ll be engaging in a lot of dating when you play this game. We will help you with the scheduling so you don’t have too much time between dates. This way you’ll be able to compare the women you selected without forgetting about what had happened on dates with them. Keeping a cheat sheet where you jot down positives and negatives can help. Make it fair by bringing out each of your escorts out on the town in addition to spending time alone with you. Consider having a questionnaire ready and keep answers handy for comparison purposes. Bringing out the escorts for a while allows you to get to know them in detail. It’ll also help build your anticipation for what is to come when you get them back to your place for private time.

Bring It On Home

Each escort needs to spend time alone with you so you can truly compare them. This means you’ll be getting intimate with each one of them. Not all women provide the same companionship, so this is where the real scoring takes place. You’ll know right away what you like from each of the dates you have. There’s bound to be plenty of positive points, and you’ll need to weight them depending upon your own desires. When you find a woman is exceptional, move her into the next bracket and have another date with her. If one isn’t up to your specifications, simply don’t book another appointment. You’ll find that the elimination process is very difficult because each of our women is so attractive and personable. It’s going to be a very tough competition!

Let The Winner Be Rewarded

When you finally find the perfect escort, bring her out on the town to show off to others. She’s the one you wanted to spend time with the most, and you may become a VIP with this woman in the future. Let her flaunt her stuff and make her feel appreciated.

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