Jaclyn Goes Skiing For The First Time

Jaclyn is leaning in, ready for your secret.Hello there fellows! My name is Jaclyn, and I want to share with you a story about my first trip skiing. I never went before, and I had a client who was insistent in bringing me to Big Bear for the day. I was very excited about the prospect! Here’s what happened during this exciting date.

I Got Ready For The Big Date

I knew I needed appropriate clothing for this date, so I went out and purchased exactly what I would need: ski pants, a sexy ski jacket, hat, gloves, etc. I knew that the hot pink number I picked out would accentuate my features on the slopes. I was so ready for a day full of action! I met up with my date at the rental area, and he helped me pick out my skis and boots. It was showtime!

I Made My Date Feel Like A Star

Ok, so I wasn’t the best skier right off the bat. In fact, I fell down quite a lot. My client was right there to pick me up though. Each time I was in his arms, I felt so safe! So, I wasn’t at all afraid about continuing to learn how to ski. He was very gentle about showing me how to move my legs and arms so that I could stay upright. We had to stick with the easier slopes at first. I have to admit, I had quite a few guys looking my way. Not so much on the slope itself, but when we were on the ski lift and in the lodge. I made sure that everyone knew I was with my client and that I wasn’t interested in anyone but him.

I Felt So Great About Myself As I Improved

My date showed me some tips on how to stop if I started to ski down a hill too quickly. I used that snowplow move a lot! I was grinning from ear to ear by the end of the day though because I was able to stay up and stop without assistance. My date was impressed with my improvement and told me that I deserved some pampering after spending time with him on the hills. We had a few drinks together in the lodge and decided to spend time in his hotel room where we could get away from crowds and warm up together.

I Showed My Appreciation For A Fun Date

My client was so attentive and kind during our date and all he had wanted was someone to spend time with. I wanted to make him feel appreciated for his good-hearted nature. This was done by offering him a massage to soothe his muscles. He accepted and he really got into the experience. I asked him to strip down and I did the same. That was a surprise for him. He enjoyed having me climb onto his back to give him that massage. We ended up having a great time together….so much that he has asked to take me skiing again. I can’t wait!


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