Juniper is the definition of hot and seductive.

  • Age: 26
  • Measurements: D-Cup
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Height: 5ft 4in
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Ethnicity: African-American

Let Juniper Show You The Way

She’s got it! Yeah, baby, she’s got it! She’s your Juniper …she’s your fire, your desire. Just like the song implies, Juniper has something guys really want. If you are visiting Las Vegas on business, don’t fret, we have one of the best bets for a corporate “wife” out there. Juniper can play the part as your wife, girlfriend, lover, or friend. Just tell her what you are looking for and she will do the rest. She is great at fooling others as she is a former drama student who is very believable in anything she says. She knows exactly how to hold her body to give off body language signals to others to make them believe she is really your significant other as well.

Las Vegas pack page escorts beware! We have a new gal in town and she is ready to steal your thunder! Juniper is one of our top escorts for business events as she really knows how to play the boss and the colleagues into her hands. If you are looking to gain some brownie points while in Vegas, Juniper has got it covered.

Spend Some Time Together

No one likes spending their time in Vegas on their own. Instead of being trapped in your room watching television between your business ventures, call us to have Juniper come and keep you company. If you do not wish to go out on the town, and would rather have Juniper there to make time more interesting, she will be happy to just sit back and relax with you in the comfort of your room.

Juniper is great at listening to others, and she will help you relax while you are away on business. Let her know if you would like a massage or if you want to watch her do some stripping to help you get into the mood for slumber. She is great at both and she enjoys doing both as well. Not all Las Vegas escorts will go back to your hotel room when the date is over, and many will not go there at all if the date isn’t going out on the town. Our escorts know this is the part of the service that most guys enjoy as they are not be scrutinized by others. Call today and ask Juniper to give you a visit. She will be your desire, we know it!

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